How to Play Solar System Seeking

          Earth his getting to polluted, you need to guide your nation to another livable planet. While playing “Solar System Seeking” you will learn about our solar system and the characteristics of Kepler, a newly discovered planet. You will have to pass through three levels, Meteor Marathon, Venture of Kepler, and Food Find.


            To start off you have to make it through the obstacles of space and get passed meteors. The first level represents the dangers of going through space. There are many dangers of space; this level just shows the dangers of a meteor shower. I have three main sprites in my first level. The enemies, which represent meteors, blocks, which represents other planets and stars, and your avatar, which represents your spaceship. Another educational value of this game is seeing the atmosphere and meteorites. The atmosphere is the envelope of gases surrounding the earth and other planets. As you can see, the first level of this game has a good educational value.


            Next, my second level is based on the hazards and climate of the planet Kepler. The climate of Kepler is an important factor. The average temperature on Kepler is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The green blocks on this level represent possible plant growth. With temperatures at 72 degrees plant life is very possible. The enemies in this game represent other possible life forms. Kepler has water, possible plant life, and perfect temperatures; it is highly possible that other life forms on Kepler exist. Therefore the second level of my game shows the climate and possible hazards of Kepler.


            Furthermore, the point of my third level is showing the possible food sources on Kepler. Because of the climate, food on Kepler is possible; because it is such a new discover, plant life or animal life is not positive. One thing that is positive is water on Kepler. Astronomers have confirmed there is liquid water on Kepler. The blocks on this game represent obstacles, such as landforms. There could be mountains, rivers, or plateaus. The enemies on this level represent the possible poisonous plant life. As many people may know, where there are healthy things there could be deadly things. As you can see, level three of this game is very educational.


            Lastly, the solar system, and characteristics of Kepler are all things that will be taught. Through just three levels, Meteor Marathon, Venture of Kepler, Food Find, the player will be educated on about the Solar System. In conclusion, my game, Solar System Seeking, is an educational game.

The Adventures of Storm

Hello there, my name is Storm. I am a very successful villain. If you don’t believe me ask anyone. Everybody fears me and is terrified that they will, one day, be caught in my path of destruction. You may be wondering how I could have possibly gotten all these powers. Wondering how a guy like me could get the power of controlling natural disasters, being able to fly, and have super strength.  I used to be an electrician until one day, as I was walking home from work with tiny pieces of copper and other metals in my bag and in my pockets. Well it just so happen that it started to storm. The thought never even hit me until the lightning bolt did. I woke up about a month later coming out of a coma. I had no idea what had happened until the doctor explained everything to me. After I was released from the hospital I went back to my old job. Although my boss said he was firing me because I hadn’t showed up for work in a month. I tried to explain to him that I was stuck by lightning but he didn’t believe me. As I went home I found an eviction notice on my door and about 15 boxes of all my belongings. I was infuriated.

 As I walked around the city, unsure of what to do, I walked past a pond. As I looked over there was a huge, tsunami like wave going towards my old apartment building. I thought that it was strange but that they deserved it. 

All the sudden I felt a surge of strength. I wanted to test it so I went over to a car and lifted it above my head. I was surprised by my strength and wanted to try it on something heavier. So I went over to a dump truck and did the same thing.

After testing my strength all day I decided to go to bed. I found a nice park bench and went to sleep. Towards the middle of the night I woke up. I felt weightless! Then I noticed I was about 6 feet in the air, above the bench! I was shocked! As I started to panic I fell to the ground. I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself. I was very much awake! I was shocked about what I just experienced. I didn’t know what else to do so I went back to sleep. I had a dream that I had super powers. I could control weather, fly, and I even had super strength.

When I woke up thought to myself, maybe it was true! I flew in the middle of the night; I lifted up a dump truck, and maybe created a tsunami! I had the power! Right away I needed to learn how to train myself and to control my powers. I decided to go into hiding and train myself.

About a year and a half later I was ready to fight. Right away I knew I could be rich. Decided to rob a bank! I knew I could succeed. So I went to New York and robbed the Bank of America. I had made a plan and executed it. I walked into the bank and posed as a worker. I went into the back to the vault. I thought lava and it appeared. I used it to burn a hole in the safe. As I went inside it I was overwhelmed by all of the money! I loaded my duffle bags and walked out. The security was suspicious so they looked into the bag. I was caught! I planned for this though! I created a ring of fire around me, grabbed my duffle bag, and then flew off.

To be continued…

SSR Project: The Main Character

Book Title: Catching Fire

Protagonist: Katniss Everdeen

 Pages: 391

External Characteristics: The main character of Catching Fire is Katniss Everdeen. She is in her late teens or early 20s, it even says in the book how the capitol is going to hold a Quarter Quell which happens every 25 years and she wasn’t alive for the last one. So I can infer she is younger than 25 and lives in Panem. Panem is an arbitrary place where everything is ruled by a capitol. The Capitol rules over 12 districts. District 12 is where Katniss lives. District 12 is the district of coal so all fathers and people over the age of 18 work in the mines.  Katniss’s father died in the mines one day and ever since, to get food she goes outside the district to hunt. This is punishable by death, I know this because it says, and “Hunting in the woods surrounding district 12 violates at least a dozen laws and is punishable by death.”  Katniss has long brown hair that is usually in a braid all the way down her back. I know this because it says she has “long black hair that she usually keeps in a braid, with olive skin and gray eyes.” She is very fit and skinny because she has a lack of food and is always hunting so is active. One example of how she is always running around looking at her snares to see if she captured anything. As it says in one part, “I get a good a haul from the traps- eight rabbits, two squirrels, and a beaver.”

Internal Characteristics: Adjective #1: Courageous

Page 106-  “I’ve flung out my arms…..across the left side of my face” Katniss flings herself infront of her ‘cousin’, Gale, and took a whip to the left side of her face.

Pages 378/379- “I should direct….take with me” When Katniss is in the arena she destroys the force field containing the tributes in the arena.

Adjective #2: Rebellious

Page 61- “It is too well… the arena” In the last book Katniss teamed up with a girl from District 11, Rue. When she died Katniss was filled with rage and sadness. She put 3 fingers on her lips then extended them to her. As she thanked Rue’s family for their child all of District 11 gave her this signal meaning ‘Final goodbye’. The same in which she gave Rue, this was exciting district 11. In other words, giving the Capitol a final goodbye.

Pages 88/89- “There are still banners……an uprising” Katniss is the face of an uprising in one of the 12 districts, district 8.

Adjective #3: Tend To

Page 113- “Since Gale…out a headache” Katniss is trying to tell her mother that Gale needs more medicine for the whip wounds, but she won’t listen. Katniss tries though to keep Gale comfortable.

Page 274- “I have to get to Peeta” Katniss has vows to protect Peeta so he alone will win the games.  


Adjective #4: Empathetic

Page 62- “A pair of peacekeepers…..bullet through his head” A man who whistled a tune after Katniss’s speech. As Katniss went back to get her flowers that she forgot she saw the old man being dragged into the middle of the crowd, forced to his knees and was shot in the head. She felt extremely sorry for the man and his family.

Pages 262/263- “Suddenly the door….. from the room” Just before Katniss enters the arena she is put in a mute, glass ‘tube’ that will take her to the arena. She is just outside of a room where her stylist, Cinna, is at. Her rise to the arena is being delayed and just as she looks at Cinna, two peacekeepers come in and knock him to his knees and beet him with metal-studded gloves. This almost brings Katniss to tears, although just as he is dragged out she rises into the arena.


I slowly woke up with a throbbing headache! I had a few scratches and bruises but nothing major. Once I found out where I was I couldn’t believe it. I was in a jail cell all by myself and super confused! As went to the sink to wash of my face, I felt something in my pockets. In my left pocket I found a cell phone, but it wasn’t mine. I also found a car key that wasn’t mine. The key was to a Mercedes-Benz. As I looked into my right pocket I found my wallet. I looked in it to see how much money I found tons. The last time I looked in my wallet, I only had about 20 dollars, when Ifinished counting all the money I had about 137 dollars and some change. As I went to come my hair back I felt something sharp, I picked out a little piece the looked at it. It was glass. Then as I looked in my back pockets I found a receipt for a crow bar from Lowes. As I sat down on my cell bed an image came in my head. Iwas breaking glass in several cars until a man in his 20s walked over he was carrying some keys I dint know what to do, he took his phone out and started dialing. I had to do something so I hit him with the crow bar. He fell to the ground, unconscious. Then I remembered everything! After I hit him I new I was going get in trouble if I didn’t get away fast. So I grabbed his key, and his phone if i needed it, then jumped in his car and drove towards the boarder of Canada. Within five minutes police were on my tail. I decided to take back roads, and take as many turns as possible. My plan worked. I went to the closest store, after I knew I lost them, then parked behind it, put the key in my pocket and ran. The police must have found my car and were coming in my direction with dogs. I was so worried about the police behind me I didn’t notice the police in the other direction. When I finally noticed Them but, they were only about 50 yards away when I did. I was stuck. I didn’t know what else to do, other than run. They released their dogs and I was taken down by a German Shepard. Then the police came over, pulled the dogs off, and put me in handcuffs. As we were walking up to the squad car, other police already made it to their cars and 2 were walking me up. That was my chance. I broke free and ran. Although, I was tired and slow. The police caught up to me and tackled me into a tree.That was the last thing I remembered before I woke up in a jail cell.



My Digital Footprint

I found many things about myself on Google. For example, I found an article of me in a news paper when i played in a baseball tournament in the summer! I also found a picture of myself when i typed my name in and went to Google Images. The picture made me feel a little weird because anybody can see my picture! I also found my name under facebook which didn’t surprise me much!     

When I just typed in my name in the search bar there wasn’t many people with my name. I found people with the same last name, although there middle name was my first name. For example, one man had my same last name, but his maddle name was my first name. that man was born in 1875, but saldy died at the age of 3 in 1878. I also found a hotel named after me, it is a very fancy hotel located in New York. In conclusion, I found many insteresting things that anybody can find out about myself.

My Top 5 Favorite Sports

My top 5 list will be about  favorite sports! My all time favorite sport is baseball. I love going outside and hitting and catching the ball and running around the bases! My second Favorite sport would have to be football! I like all the hitting and running and catching the ball and going for touchdowns! For my third favorite sport I wold have to say wrestling! Even though i haven’t done it before i’m  really excited to start my first season of it! For my fourth favorite sport I’m going to pick basketball! I like dribbling down the court going for shots and steeling the ball! Lastly, for my fifth favorite sport i’d have to pick soccer. Even though I haven’t played in years i still like going for goals and running up and down the field!



My Bucket List

There are many things I want to do before I die.

1.  One thing I want to do is go sky diving!!

2. Another thing I want to do is scuba diving!

3. I’d also like to do is visit Rio De Janeiro!

4.I’d also, one day, like to become a physical therapist.

5.Then, I’d like to Play For a college football team (preferably the Penn State Nitany Lions).

6. The sixth thing I’d like to is go to Hawaii!

7. For the seventh thing, I’d like to go to Alaska to go four-wheeling.

8.  Also I’d like to visit New York City!

9. I want to be the first person to live through within 3 centuries (1900, 2000, 2100).

10. Lastly, I would like to own a tiger!