My Bucket List

There are many things I want to do before I die.

1.  One thing I want to do is go sky diving!!

2. Another thing I want to do is scuba diving!

3. I’d also like to do is visit Rio De Janeiro!

4.I’d also, one day, like to become a physical therapist.

5.Then, I’d like to Play For a college football team (preferably the Penn State Nitany Lions).

6. The sixth thing I’d like to is go to Hawaii!

7. For the seventh thing, I’d like to go to Alaska to go four-wheeling.

8.  Also I’d like to visit New York City!

9. I want to be the first person to live through within 3 centuries (1900, 2000, 2100).

10. Lastly, I would like to own a tiger!


9 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Awesome blog Ben, all of those things seem awesome to do. I also really want to go scuba diving in the ocean to look for new species. Having a tiger as a pet seems pretty unrealistic, but it would be insane if you did get one. The only thing on your bucket list that I wouldn’t want to do is visit New York, I can’t stand big cities. Again, great bucket list.

  2. Hi Ben.I enjoyed reading your blog.We have some stuff in common.I would love to visit Hawaii.I love the palm trees and the beautiful sunset.How about you?What do you like about Hawaii?
    I would also like to go to Alaska.Sure,maybe no to go four-wheeling,but that would be quite an adventure.I think it sounds like fun,but again,one question,Why Alaska to go four-wheeling?Why not somewhere else?
    Lastly,i love tigers!So i definately would love to own a tiger as well,just i would have to have it tamed so it wouldn’t eat me!Do you agree?
    I think they’re just so pretty!I like their color,orange!And their stripes are pretty neat,too.It’s a real shame they’re going extinct.Well,i would love to talk more,so check out my blog,too,please!

  3. Hi Ben. How’s your day? Did you know that I sit beside you? I think its cool that you want to have a tiger as a pet! I you should come over to my house so i can beat you in airsoft!

  4. Hey Ben, your bucket list was cool even though some of the things are not what I would have picked to do. There were some things that I would really like to do like sky diving, playing for Penn State, and owning a tiger, and scuba diving and all that good stuff. Some of the things I really didn’t think that they would be on a bucket list, like going to New York City I mean that’s not like a really big thing I mean maybe you really want to but Rio De Janeiro would be a cool place to visit like you said but New York City isn’t like a real big trip. Other than that your bucket list is very cool.

  5. I like your Bucket List blog! I really want to go skydiving too. Also i want to go scuba diving. I like Penn State too. I also love fourwheeling, it is a lot of fun! I hope you get to do all of these thing.

  6. Hey that sounds cool. I think you should try deep sea fishing. Owning a tiger is illegal unless you have an exotic animal license and years of training. Maybe you should own something cool. Like me I have an iguana his name its name is Demetri he was raised in Russia. I also have a pet ball python named Calvin.

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